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The METRO C Line is now open!

C line bus driving on route through North Minneapolis

Summary of changes to Route 19 (Effective Saturday, June 8)
C Line (Route page)

What is the C Line?

The C Line is METRO Bus Rapid Transit service that delivers a faster trip and an improved transit experience. Buses operate so frequently you won’t need a schedule. Plus, C Line offers up to 25 percent faster service than Route 19. And more than half of the buses are all-electric, making the C Line the cleanest route in town!

On the C Line, you pay your fare before you get on – just like light rail – so buses keep moving more of the time. Also, the bus has three doors and you can get on or off through any of them.

C Line stations feature enhanced amenities, like NexTrip real-time departure information signs, security cameras, emergency phones and trash cans.

How are C Line buses different than regular buses?

C Line buses are 60-foot “articulated” buses with wider aisles, more seating capacity and three doors so customers can get on and off quickly. 

More than half of the C Line buses are fully electric, completely eliminating tailpipe emissions. The Xcelsior CHARGE™ battery-electric buses were manufactured by St. Cloud, Minnesota-based New Flyer of America.

All buses have new rear-facing, customer-operated securements for people using mobility devices. They also have free onboard Wi-Fi and USB ports.

Update (July 19): Metro Transit has temporarily taken its eight electric buses out of service. The buses were removed from service because the equipment needed to recharge their batteries is not operating as intended. Electric buses will return to service as soon as possible. To provide uninterrupted service, other buses are being used on the C Line.

How are C Line stations different from regular bus stops?

C Line stations have heated, well-lit customer waiting shelters and feature enhanced amenities: 

  • NexTrip real-time departure information
  • security cameras
  • emergency phones
  • bike racks 
  • seating/benches
  • trash cans and snow removal

Buses stop at C Line stations on demand only. It’s another way to keep buses moving to cut down your travel time.

What is the METRO network?

The C Line is part of Metro Transit’s METRO network of Bus Rapid Transit and light-rail service, which offers fast, frequent service at the same price as regular buses. The METRO Blue and Green lines offer light-rail service in Minneapolis and St. Paul; the METRO Red Line provides Bus Rapid Transit service between Mall of America and Apple Valley; the METRO A Line and C Line provide bus rapid transit in mixed traffic with signal priority and the planned Orange and Gold lines operate on dedicated roadways and freeways with transit advantages.

Do C Line buses cost more to ride?

No. C Line fares are the same as regular buses and light rail but the C Line offers frequent – and faster – service!

How do I pay my C Line fare?

You must pay before boarding a C Line bus. METRO C Line buses DO NOT have fareboxes or Go-To Card readers onboard. Ticket machines and Go-To Card readers are available at every station. Ticket machines take exact change or credit cards. 

How does the driver know I paid my fare?

C Line drivers do not collect fares. Metro Transit Police officers will frequently board buses to enforce fare payment. Be prepared to show your C Line ticket, transfer or validated Go-To Card, pass or mobile app ticket as proof of payment. 

Names selected for every bus in the C Line fleet

Meet Coretta, one of the C Line buses named by community members

Thank you to all of the groups that submitted names to the bus naming contest! Metro Transit is delighted to share the 14 names selected for the C Line bus fleet: 

  • Coretta 
  • Copper
  • Capri
  • Clementine
  • Cháo (Vietnamese for "hello")
  • Celine
  • Change
  • Camden Cruiser
  • Corazón de la Ciudad
  • Cleveland
  • Claudette Colvin
  • Cherry Chamango
  • Carter G Woodson
  • Cia Siab (Hmong green dialect for "to hope or being hopeful")

Contest winners include Northside Achievement Zone, CAPI, Loring Elementary School, Victory Neighborhood Association, Northport Elementary, Cleveland Neighborhood Association, Folwell Neighborhood Association, Northside Residents Redevelopment Council (NRRC), New Millennium Academy, and PYC Arts & Tech High School.

C Line Map


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