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C Line

The METRO C Line is now open!

C line bus driving on route through North Minneapolis

What is the C Line?

The C Line is METRO Bus Rapid Transit service that delivers a faster trip and an improved transit experience. Buses operate so frequently you won’t need a schedule. Plus, C Line offers up to 25 percent faster service than Route 19. And more than half of the buses are all-electric, making the C Line the cleanest route in town!

On the C Line, you pay your fare before you get on – just like light rail – so buses keep moving more of the time. Also, the bus has three doors and you can get on or off through any of them.

C Line stations feature enhanced amenities, like NexTrip real-time departure information signs, security cameras, emergency phones and trash cans.


How are C Line buses different than regular buses?

C Line buses are 60-foot “articulated” buses with wider aisles, more seating capacity and three doors so customers can get on and off quickly. 

More than half of the C Line buses are fully electric, completely eliminating tailpipe emissions. The Xcelsior CHARGE™ battery-electric buses were manufactured by St. Cloud, Minnesota-based New Flyer of America.

All buses have new rear-facing, customer-operated securements for people using mobility devices. They also have free onboard Wi-Fi and USB ports.

How are C Line stations different from regular bus stops?

C Line stations have heated, well-lit customer waiting shelters and feature enhanced amenities: 

  • NexTrip real-time departure information
  • security cameras
  • emergency phones
  • bike racks 
  • seating/benches
  • trash cans and snow removal

Buses stop at C Line stations on demand only. It’s another way to keep buses moving to cut down your travel time.

What is the METRO network?

The C Line is part of Metro Transit’s METRO network of Bus Rapid Transit and light-rail service, which offers fast, frequent service at the same price as regular buses. The METRO Blue and Green lines offer light-rail service in Minneapolis and St. Paul; the METRO Red Line provides Bus Rapid Transit service between Mall of America and Apple Valley; the METRO A Line and C Line provide bus rapid transit in mixed traffic with signal priority and the planned Orange and Gold lines operate on dedicated roadways and freeways with transit advantages.

Do C Line buses cost more to ride?

No. C Line fares are the same as regular buses and light rail but the C Line offers frequent – and faster – service!

How do I pay my C Line fare?

You must pay before boarding a C Line bus. METRO C Line buses DO NOT have fareboxes or Go-To Card readers onboard. Ticket machines and Go-To Card readers are available at every station. Ticket machines take exact change or credit cards. 

How does the driver know I paid my fare?

C Line drivers do not collect fares. Metro Transit Police officers will frequently board buses to enforce fare payment. Be prepared to show your C Line ticket, transfer or validated Go-To Card, pass or mobile app ticket as proof of payment. 

C Line Map