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Ride METRO lines

How do I find my route & stop?

There are 19 stops along the METRO Blue Line, and 23 stops on the METRO Green Line; five stops in downtown Minneapolis are shared by the two lines. The METRO A LineC Line, D LineOrange Line, and Red Line serve enhanced stations. METRO stations are easy to spot, but if you need help, just call the number below to find the one nearest you. Check the Schedules & Maps page for specific times. 

Use the Trip Planner

How much does it cost & how do I pay?

Fares are valid for 2½ hours from time of purchase and must be purchased before boarding the train; tickets cannot be purchased onboard. Customers must be prepared to show proof of payment on the train.

There are ticket machines at each station. Purchase a ticket from the machine using cash or a credit card. You can also use the Metro Transit app. Note that rail station platforms are paid fare zones, reserved for those who are purchasing tickets or for ticketed customers who are waiting for or getting off trains.

Frequent riders will want to get a Go-To Card. Just touch your card to a reader at the station and the fare is paid instantly. Add value to your card online or at a station ticket machine.

Go-To Cards, Metropasses, U-Passes, College Passes and Student Passes are accepted at METRO stations. To use one of these passes, you must validate it by touching it to the card reader before boarding.

How to Pay
Pass / Go-To Card Options

How do I transfer?

If you pay with a single-ride ticket, your transfer is built right in. METRO lines connect with other routes at stations, so when you get on the bus, just insert your single-ride ticket into the farebox. METRO tickets are valid for unlimited rides on buses and light rail for 2½ hours after purchase.

Transfers from METRO to Northstar trains require an additional fare. Transfers from Northstar to buses and METRO trains are free.

What are the rules when riding METRO lines?

PLEASE NOTE: Train doors do not open automatically. When entering or exiting the train, wait for it to come to a complete stop, then press the blue button on the doors to open them. If the doors are closing, avoid sticking arms or legs in the doors, as this will not open them.

On METRO buses, all doors will open automatically at stations, allowing you board or exit through any door. Please wait for others to exit the bus before boarding.

While waiting for the train, always stand behind the yellow line on the platform. DO NOT stand on the tracks at any time. Avoid sticking arms or legs in the doors to prevent them from closing; just relax and wait for the next train. Do not skateboard or rollerblade on platforms. No food is allowed on the train. Please place any garbage in the disposal bins on the platforms.

Strollers and non-motorized bicycles are welcome on METRO lines. Each bus has racks to accommodate two bicycles; each train can accommodate four bicycles.

Certain seats are designated for seniors and people with disabilities. Please surrender these seats when they are needed by these customers.

While riding, please remain seated. If standing, hold onto the rails in case of sudden stops. In an emergency, intercoms are located at the front and back doors of each car to call the operator. There is also a phone on each platform that will connect you to the control center (for emergencies only).

Stay alert and stay safe around train stations, on rail station platforms and on trains. Learn more about safety on METRO trains.

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