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Brooklyn & 51st Avenue Station

Brooklyn & 51st Avenue - Station Plan PDF
Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Brooklyn Boulevard & 51st Avenue
Platform location

Northbound: Farside of 51st Avenue on Brooklyn, northeast corner

Southbound: Nearside of 51st Avenue on Brooklyn, northwest corner

Brooklyn & 51st Avenue Station will serve both the C Line and D Line. This station plan was approved within the C Line planning process.

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Brooklyn and 51st Avenue Station. Northbound far side 51st Avenue on Brooklyn Boulevard. Southbound near side 51st Avenue on Brooklyn Boulevard.

Project coordination: C Line construction, Brooklyn Boulevard reconstruction

The Brooklyn & 51st Avenue station will be built as part of C Line construction in 2018. Station construction will be built in coordination with the Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor Project, which will reconstruct Brooklyn Boulevard between 49th Avenue and 59th Avenue.

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