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Bicycles and Transit

Loading your bike on a Northstar train

Bicyclist boarding train

  • Walk — do not ride — bicycles at stations, on platforms and on trains.
  • Bicyclists are required to use elevators or ramps (where available) to access station platforms.
  • Pay your fare on the platform.* After paying, walk your bicycle to the boarding area and wait well away — behind the yellow line or further — from the approaching train.
  • As the train approaches, position yourself to board. Each train has two doors. Load your bicycle at the door marked with the bicycle symbol.
  • Allow others to board and exit the train before lifting your bicycle through the entrance.

Bicycle storage instructions for train Securing bike on train
  • You will see the storage area a few feet away. Instructions are printed above the foldable seat.
  • If necessary, fold up the seat and place your wheel in the bracket closest to the folded seat. Secure the wheel tightly with the yellow strap.
  • When your bicycle is secured, stand with your bike or take a nearby seat.

  • As you approach your stop, prepare to remove your bicycle from the rack.
  • Allow others to exit the train before you exit with your bicycle.
Bike secured on train

* To ensure safety, Metro Transit reserves the right to limit onboard storage of bicycles during special events or times when trains are crowded. If there is no room for you and your bicycle in one car, promptly – and safely – walk your bicycle to the next train car. Car-to-car transfer of bicycles is not permitted onboard the train.

Other things to know

  • Only two-wheeled, non-motorized bikes are permitted.

  • Call Lost & Found at 612-373-3333 if you have left your bicycle on a train. Metro Transit is not liable for damage to bicycles, except if Metro Transit is found to be negligent or at fault in an accident. Theft, damage, injury while loading and unloading, acts by a third party and all other incidents are solely the responsibility of the bicyclist and not Metro Transit.

  • There is no extra charge to use a rack and they're easy to use – simple instructions are printed on the rack.