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On Off The Clock

On the Clock/Off the Clock: Jody Salen, Program Technical Specialist - Commuter Rail 

| Tuesday, June 14, 2022 5:42:00 AM
Lives: Albertville Years of service:13 How did you come to work at Metro Transit and what do you do? During the Great Recession, I was among those laid off at The Opus Group, a design-build company in Minnetonka, where I was a project [...]
Career Tracks

Career Tracks: Assistant Transportation Manager Mike Moe 

Posted by John Komarek | Friday, June 10, 2022 12:49:00 PM
Many people who work at Metro Transit take on new responsibilities and roles throughout their careers. Career Tracks highlights the paths employees have taken to their latest assignment and where they see themselves going next. To learn more [...]
On Off The Clock

On/Off the Clock: Antonio Taylor, bus operator 

Posted by John Komarek | Friday, June 10, 2022 11:28:00 AM
Lives: St. Paul Job: Bus Operator, Relief Instructor Years of Service: 25 How did you come to work at Metro Transit and what do you do? During the 90s, I was working for the rental car industry and part time limo driver. An older driver [...]
Know Your Operator

Know Your Operator: Phil Wostrel, Blue Line  

| Thursday, June 9, 2022 12:46:00 PM
Relief Instructor and Train Operator Phil Wostrel had to leave Metro Transit to discover what he really liked about it. First hired in the mid-1990s as a part-time bus operator, Wostrel left after four years to work full time in shipping and [...]

Returning operators showcase Metro Transit’s benefits 

Posted by John Komarek | Wednesday, May 25, 2022 4:17:00 PM
Top left to right, Kimberly Dobis, Zachary Hammonds, and Keith Howard. Lower left to right, Jesus Llamas, Darara Mokonnen, and Shawn Nevins For whatever reason, some bus operators decide to pursue another company or career. After time away, [...]
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