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Bus Transit Information

More new bus stop signs installed 

| Monday, August 08, 2016 8:17:00 AM

A new bus stop sign is installed on American Boulevard. Efforts to install new bus stop signs around the region picked back up again this month.

In the latest phase of the systemwide roll-out, around 5,000 signs will be installed along nearly 30 local and express routes by the end of the year. Most of the routes provide service in Minneapolis, St. Paul and inner-ring suburbs, including routes 2, 3, 4, 18, 21 and 74.

The new signs include route and unique stop numbers, as well as instructions for accessing real-time predicted departures through NexTrip. Signs at stops with higher ridership also have a route map, frequency information (for the trunk of the route) and indicate the direction that buses serving that stop travel.

Around 2,300 of the new signs were installed in 2015. All of Metro Transit’s bus stop signs will be replaced by the end of next year.

In addition to the new bus stop signs, pylons with digital displays featuring predicted real-time departure information were recently installed at two stops on Seventh Street in downtown Minneapolis.

The stops, which will eventually be served by the C Line​, are located at Nicollet and Hennepin avenues.​

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Bus Transit Information

NexTrip signs added to several new locations 

| Monday, November 09, 2015 3:57:00 PM

A NexTrip sign provides expected real-time departures for upcoming bus trips. The sign posts also have a button for audio information.Digital displays that provide NexTrip information have been installed at several busy boarding areas around the region, nearly doubling the number of signs up systemwide.

NexTrip signs are now located at transit centers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Brooklyn Center, Columbia Heights, Maplewood, Robbinsdale and Roseville. Signs have also been added to bus stops near several METRO Blue Line stations, including Franklin, Lake Street/Midtown, 38th Street and 46th Street.

The signs provide real-time predicted departure information for all routes departing within 15 minutes at the stops where they are located. The sign posts also have buttons that can be pushed for audio announcements of upcoming departure times.

NexTrip signs have been in use since 2009 along the Marq2 corridor in downtown Minneapolis and at the I-35W and 46th Street StationSouth Bloomington Transit Center and the Mall of America Transit Center.

Digital displays with NexTrip information were activated at all light-rail stations earlier this year. New downtown St. Paul bus shelters that opened at busy boarding locations this year also include NexTrip signs. 

Metro Transit is focusing on improving bus boarding areas through its Better Bus Stops program. In addition to NexTrip displays, enhanced signage and shelters are being installed at sites across the region

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    > Texting to find the NexTrip

Bus Transit Information

Texting to find the NexTrip 

Posted by Drew Kerr | Tuesday, October 27, 2015 10:43:00 AM

Text messaging has been added as another way to access NexTrip, the service that provides predicted real-time bus and train departure information.

Here's how to receive a text message with the predicted departure times of the next four trips at a particular stop:

1. Find the stop number using the Interactive Map or the “Stops and Stations” page. New bus stop signs being installed systemwide also include stop numbers.

2. Send a text message to the short-code 27299 with the letters “mt” followed by the stop number (for example, “mt12345”). Route-specific information will be delivered by adding a space and the route number to the end of the message (for example, "mt12345 17”, would return results only for Route 17).

3. Get results instantly!

NexTrip originated in 1989 as a call-in service known as “BusLine.” Predicted real-time departure information became available online around a decade ago.

Today, NexTrip information is available by phone (612-373-3333), on Metro Transit's mobile website and through several apps. NexTrip information is also displayed on digital signs at all light-rail stations and more than 100 bus boarding locations.​

In 2015, customers requested NexTrip information through Metro Transit’s website nearly 84 million times — more than double the number of requests made in 2012.

“NexTrip is an empowering tool that gives customers greater confidence and the ability to plan trips on the spot,” Transit Information Project Coordinator Laura Matson said. “Adding the text feature responds to requests we received from customers and makes this tool even more accessible.”

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    > Installation of new bus stop signs continues

Bus Transit Information

Installation of new bus stop signs continues 

| Wednesday, October 14, 2015 11:41:00 AM

A new Metro Transit bus stop sign is installed on Grand Avenue in St. Paul on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015.After a successful pilot, around 2,300 new bus stop signs with enhanced information will be installed this fall.

The new signs include route and unique stop numbers, as well as instructions for accessing real-time predicted departure times through NexTrip. Signs at stops with higher ridership will also include a route map, frequency information (for the trunk of the route) and indicate the direction that buses serving that stop travel.

Installations began earlier this week in St. Paul along routes 63 and 64. Signs will be installed along more than 20 additional routes that serve North Minneapolis and the northwest suburbs in the coming months.

New signs will be installed at all of Metro Transit’s 12,000 bus stops through 2017. Sign installations will be prioritized based on ridership.

Around 100 new signs went up earlier this year in North Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park to give customers an opportunity to provide feedback. Some minor design changes were made after the pilot (for example, frequency charts now indicate a range of time instead of using the terms morning, mid-day or evening).

The new signs are part Metro Transit’s broader Better Bus Stops program. With funding from a federal Ladders of Opportunity grant and other resources, more new and replacement waiting shelters will be installed in the coming years. 

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    > New bus stop signs introduced

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Bus Transit Information

New bus stop signs introduced 

| Thursday, June 25, 2015 11:44:00 AM

More than 100 new bus stop signs with additional information have gone up in North Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park over the last several weeks, the first step in a systemwide overhaul that will unfold over the coming years.

At locations with a lower number of customer boardings, the new signs include information about the routes that serve that stop and a unique stop number that can be used to access real-time departure information through NexTrip. (Use the Services Finder or Interactive Map to find the number for any transit stop in the Twin Cities). 

Signs at higher-boarding locations also include route maps, charts describing how often the bus is scheduled to arrive at that stop and, in some cases, details about how to use NexTrip.

The new signs were placed at sites with local, express and a combination of services. They can be found along portions of North Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis and along Zane Avenue North and Brooklyn Boulevard in Brooklyn Park. 

New signage was also installed at 15 bus shelters. The shelter signage includes route maps, schedules, stop location information, NexTrip instructions and unique stop numbers.

Riders and potential riders were interviewed to get input on the new signs. Additional feedback is welcome before installations continue. Comments can be sent to

New signs will be installed at more than 2,000 locations this fall. Signs at all of Metro Transit’s 12,000 stops are scheduled to be replaced by 2017.​

The new signs are part Metro Transit’s broader Better Bus Stops Program. With funding from a federal Ladders of Opportunity grant and other resources, more new and replacement waiting shelters will be installed in the coming years. All of the advertising shelters in Minneapolis are also in the process of being replaced with Metro Transit shelters. 

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