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7th-8th Street & 3rd/4th Avenue Station

7th-8th Street & 3rd / 4th Avenue - Station Plan PDF
Station Consideration Planned Condition*

Northbound: 7th Street & 3rd/4th Ave

Southbound: 8th Street & 3rd/4th Ave

Platform location

Northbound: Midblock 3rd & 4th Ave on 7th Street

Southbound: Midblock 3rd & 4th Ave on 8th Street

7th-8th Street & 3rd Ave Station will serve both the C Line and D Line. This station plan was approved within the C Line planning process.

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7th - 8th Street and 3rd Avenue Station. Southbound mid block 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue on 8th Street. Northbound mid block 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue on 7th Street.

Project coordination: 8th Street reconstruction

The 8th Street & 3rd/4th Avenue platform will be built as part of the 8th Street reconstruction project from Hennepin Avenue to Chicago Avenue in 2019-2020.

Project coordination: C Line construction

The 7th Street & 3rd/4th Avenue platform will also be used by the C Line, and built as part of C Line construction in 2018. See the final C Line Station Plan for more information.

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