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Rendering of a bus going through West End development

West End and Route 9 Final Plan

Recommended Plan approved; revised to include limited Route 9B service; implementation in August 2017

The West End and Route 9 Concept Plan presented in September 2016 and the Recommended Plan presented in March 2017 generated a great response with dozens of community members attending each of three public meetings. Metro Transit received nearly 200 comments from 142 individuals. A Recommended Plan was approved by the Metropolitan Council on April 26.

Based on comments received, staff reviewed several options for retaining service on Route 9B and 9H while staying within budget and achieving primary project goals. The Final Plan addresses Route 9H and 9B customer concerns and achieves overall project goals while being sensitive to existing budget realities. The scope of the project has been widened to include changes on Route 25 along France Avenue. 

Changes to the Concept Plan and the Recommended Plan that are included in the Final Plan are as follows:

Route 9

  • • Peak frequency on the entire route will be reduced from 15 to 20 minutes during the rush hour and from 20 to 30 minutes during the fringe of the rush hour
  • • Retain limited Route 9B service on Glenwood and Xenia west of Penn Avenue with two weekday A.M. peak period trips to downtown and two P.M. peak period trips from downtown operating on a demonstration basis.
    • Route 9 will not be revised to serve Cedar Lake Road east of Highway 100 as initially proposed (this segment will be served by Route 25)

Route 25

  • • Service on France Avenue south of Cedar Lake Avenue will be eliminated (alternate service via Route 17 is available at Lake Street and France Avenue)
  • • Route 25 will be revised to serve 26th Street now served by Route 9H and Cedar Lake Road east of Highway 100 now served by Route 649
  • • South of downtown, four A.M. southbound trips to France and Lake and two P.M. northbound trips from France and Lake will be eliminated

>View the Transit Study Recommended Plan Presentation

The Final  Plan simplifies Route 9 west of downtown, eliminates underused or redundant route segments and improves service from downtown Minneapolis to the growing high-density job and residential opportunities in the West End development near I-394 and Highway 100.

The affected route areas are Route 9 west of downtown Minneapolis, Route 25 along France Avenue, Route 604 east of Louisiana Avenue Transit Center, Route 649 and Route 675 east of Louisiana Avenue Transit Center.

> Full Final Plan & appendices (23 mb)
> Executive Summary
> Chapter 1 – Study Background and Context
> Chapter 2 – Existing Transit Service
> Chapter 3 – Final Plan
> Chapter 4 – Title VI and Environmental Justice
> Chapter 5 – Public Engagement and Next Steps

Appendix A, Figures 1 – 18

Figure 1:
Study Area

Figure 2:
Transit Market Areas
Figure 3:
Population Density by Census Block

Figure 4:
Employment Density by Census Block

Figure 5:
Jobs Paying Less Than $40,000 Annually
Figure 6:
Low-Income Communities by Census Block Group

Figure 7:
People of Color by Census Block

Figure 8:
People with Disabilities by Census Tract
Figure 9:
Number of Vehicles Compared to
Population 16+ by Census Block Group

Figure 10:
Avg. Weekday Boardings by Stop

Figure 11:
Avg. Saturday Boardings by Stop
Figure 12:
Avg. Sunday Boardings by Stop

Figure 13:
Recommended Plan

Figure 14:
Recommended Plan
(w/eliminated route segments)
Figure 15:
Existing & Proposed Resources by Route

Figure 16: 
Distribution of Minority &
Non-Minority Populations

Figure 17:
Distribution of Low-Income &
Non-Low-Income Populations
Figure 18:
Change in Existing Level of Service

Appendix B, Route Profiles

Route 9
Route 25
Route 604
Route 645 (formerly 675)
Route 649

Public Engagement Plan

The West End and Route 9 Transit Study Public Engagement Plan and Summary details past and future community outreach and engagement work related to the project. Stakeholders can use this to gain insight into overall outreach activities related to the study.

Title VI Report

The Federal Transit Administration requires transit providers to conduct a Service Equity Analysis for major service changes such as those included in the West End and Route 9 Recommended Plan to ensure that the changes do not create disparate impact for low-income persons or communities of color. Chapter 4 of the project report includes a summary of this analysis. The full Title VI analysis is available here.


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