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Transit Improvements

Wayfinding pilot launches at Mall of America Transit Center

Posted by John Komarek | Thursday, June 16, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Customers at the Mall of America Transit Center will be the first in the region to test wayfinding improvements. As they arrive, customers will be greeted by new pavement markings, column wraps, and kiosks at key locations around the station.

“We hope these improvements will reduce friction when a customer takes a trip,” Kelly Morrell, Transit Information Project Manager said. “They might not always tell us about this issue, but we know it can add stress to a customer’s day to try and find their gate or connecting route.”

The Mall of America pilot is the first phase of a larger wayfinding improvement program. Lessons learned here will be applied at other locations and help create a standard wayfinding guide for the entire transit system. “If we have a standardized system, people can know what to expect anywhere in the metro area,” Morrell said.

Signage will provide specific information at key locations to help direct customers to routes and connecting services. Additionally, the kiosks will test a new way to orient maps. Currently, all maps in the system have the top section facing north. For this pilot, the map will be oriented with the top facing the direction of the customer, which could make it faster and easier to read. Wayfinding improvements are also designed to help visitors and people with disabilities. Members of the Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee served on a steering committee that offered suggestions two years ago.

More wayfinding improvements are planned over the next few years.