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Update now available for the Metro Transit app

A new version of the Metro Transit mobile app is now available in iTunes and Google Play. If your phone isn’t set to auto-update apps, be sure to update now. With the release of the new version, older versions of the app will begin to experience odd behavior. Avoid any issues and update now!

Here’s what is in this release:

  • No more minimum purchase requirement. Pay as you go and buy a ticket for just one ride if you want. You no longer need to purchase $4.50 worth of tickets at a time. Of course, your tickets don’t expire until you use them so it’s not a bad idea to have spare tickets available on your phone for those last-minute rides.
  • Buy the ticket for the time you ride. The app will offer tickets for rush hour and non-rush hour trips on bus and light rail (Please note: The app is not valid for Express service). If you have Weekday and Weekend 2.5 hour tickets on your phone, they are still valid but do follow the weekday/weekend rules from when they were initially purchased.
  • Weekend All-Day Pass! Ride all day on Saturday or Sunday for one low price!
  • Other Improvements: We’ll address a number of stability and usability issues in the app.

After today, if your app is malfunctioning, first make sure your app version is up-to-date before contacting Metro Transit about the issue. In the coming weeks, older versions of the app will no longer be supported and will cease to function. Please update your app now to versions 1.0.1041 for iOS or 1.0.1300 for Android.

Thanks for riding with us!


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