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Understanding how value is added to your Go-To Card

Your Go-To Card stores information on a microchip. Whenever you use your card or add value to it, those transactions are uploaded to a central computer system.

If you added value:     The value you added is available
    through card readers on buses
    and at rail stations:

Added value may not show
in your balance at
or by phone for:

  • After midnight on the day of the transaction
  Up to 24 hours*
By phone
  • After midnight on the day of the transaction
  Up to 24 hours*

At a rail station
ticket machine

  • Instantly

  1 hour

 At a Metro Transit store

  • Instantly
  1 hour
At an authorized
retail outlet
  • Instantly

  Up to 24 hours

 * For added value to be reflected in your balance, you must touch your card to a bus or card reader after 2 a.m. the following day.

Online or by phone

Once you receive confirmation of your transaction, the value is downloaded to Go-To Card readers at rail stations and on buses.

Because buses are in motion, downloads to bus card readers are possible only when buses enter Metro Transit garages and are connected with the central computer. Until this connection is made, your added value cannot be added to your Go-To Card. All buses return to a garage at least once each day.

You must use your Go-To Card on a bus or train for the value to be downloaded from the reader to the microchip on your card. You can do this after midnight on the day of your transaction. Once you've used your card, it can take up to 24 hours before your updated balance will be seen at or at 612-373-3333.

At a rail station ticket machine, Metro Transit store or retail outlet

Devices at these locations are able to instantly upload your purchase to your Go-To Card's microchip. Your value is immediately available for use on buses and trains. However, because these devices need to upload the information to the central computer, it may take up to 24 hours for your updated balance to be reflected at or at 612-373-3333.

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