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Two-car trains will be used on weekends

Beginning Saturday, April 13, two-car trains will be used on weekend dates unless higher ridership is expected.

The transition to primarily using two-car trains on weekends will reduce unnecessary wear-and-tear on vehicles and reduce maintenance requirements as we work to fill open rail maintenance positions.  

The change will also support efforts to clean trains between trips and to provide a more visible, official presence onboard vehicles.

A few notes as we make this transition:

  • Trains will pull into the departing ends of stations, so please gather there for boarding. (Announcements and signage will be used to direct riders.)
  • Please remember that priority seating is reserved for seniors and customers with disabilities.
  • Help keep aisles clear by not bringing overly large objects onboard. On older light rail vehicles, overhead luggage racks are available.

Beginning Saturday, June 15, we plan to use two- and three-cars interchangeably on all days, based on expected demand.

The goal is to begin running trains every 12 minutes most of the day beginning in August, up from the current 15-minute service. Providing more frequent trips will help ensure riders continue traveling comfortably as light rail ridership grows.

To provide feedback, please email [email protected] or call 612-373-3333.

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