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Ride all you want for 2½ hours

Image of Metro Transit transfer

If you pay your fare in cash and you need to travel on more than one bus or train to reach your destination, ask the driver for a transfer when you pay your fare. Your transfer is valid for unlimited rides at the same fare level in any direction for up to 2½ hours.* If you transfer to a higher fare, surcharges may apply.

If you pay your fare with a Go-To Card or pass, the transfer is automatically added to your card. If you transfer to a bus or train with a higher fare, the difference will be automatically deducted from any stored value on your card.

If you have a METRO ticket or use a SuperSaver, your transfer is built right in! No paper transfer is needed – simply insert your rail ticket or SuperSaver into the card reader on your next bus.

You cannot use a SuperSaver Stored Value Card if you transfer from bus to a METRO vehicle. Get a Go-To Card for an easier way to pay your fare.

* does not apply to Downtown Zone fares

Note: If you are transferring from a local bus or a METRO Line to an express bus, you will be asked to pay the applicable surcharge of either 50¢ or 75¢. If you are transferring from an express bus operating in non-rush hour periods to an express bus during rush hour, the surcharge is 25¢.

If your transfer expires while riding a pay-exit bus, you will be asked to pay the full fare upon exiting. This does not apply to light rail.