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Touch screens and stored credit improve fare experience

Posted by John Komarek | Wednesday, October 27, 2021 3:20:00 PM

New and improved ticket vending machines are among the features customers can look forward to using when the METRO Orange Line opens in December.  

New machines being installed at each Orange Line station include several improvements from previous versions, including:   

  • The ability to issue receipts that can be redeemed for future fare purchases. Until this point, ticket machines could not issue change to customers who used cash and overpaid. 
  • The option of purchasing multiple fare types in one transaction, instead of making multiple purchases to buy different fare products.  
  • An integrated trip planner that allows customers to enter their destination and see which routes to take.  
  • Audio instructions in English and Spanish, and text instructions in English, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Karen. In addition, audio plays through a speaker instead of requiring users to plug in headphones.  

Dennis Dworshak, manager of revenue services, said the new machines respond to feedback Metro Transit received after the METRO A Line opened in 2016. The A Line and C Line also have ticket vending machines to allow for off-board fare payment, speeding up boardings.

The improved machines are expected to be used on all future BRT corridors, including the METRO D Line, opening in 2022.  

The METRO Orange Line will open on Saturday, Dec. 4.