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Texting to find the NexTrip

Posted by Drew Kerr | Tuesday, October 27, 2015 10:43:00 AM


Text messaging has been added as another way to access NexTrip, the service that provides predicted real-time bus and train departure information.

Here's how to receive a text message with the predicted departure times of the next four trips at a particular stop:

1. Find the stop number on a bus stop sign, using the Interactive Map or on the “Stops and Stations” page. 

2. Send a text message to the short-code 50934 followed by the stop number (for example, "12345”). Route-specific information will be delivered by adding a space and the route number to the end of the message (for example, "12345 17”, would return results only for Route 17).

3. Get results instantly!

NexTrip originated in 1989 as a call-in service known as “BusLine.” Predicted real-time departure information became available online around 2005.

Today, NexTrip information is available by phone (612-373-3333), on Metro Transit's mobile website and through several apps. NexTrip information is also displayed on digital signs at all light-rail stations and more than 100 bus boarding locations.​

“NexTrip is an empowering tool that gives customers greater confidence and the ability to plan trips on the spot,” Transit Information Project Coordinator Laura Matson said. “Adding the text feature responds to requests we received from customers and makes this tool even more accessible.”

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