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Team making real progress on real-time signs

Posted by John Komarek | Thursday, March 31, 2022 12:24:00 PM

A team dedicated to maintaining real-time signs at busy boarding areas is having a big impact. 

Today, all but a few of the more than 200 real-time signs found across the region are working as intended, and issues that do occur are most-often related to damage from vehicles or vandalism. Before the team was created, it was more common for real-time signs to display incorrect information or no information at all. 

“We know our customers want correct information about when their bus or train will arrive and we work hard to make sure that happens,” said Jacob Brown, who leads the team devoted to real-time signs.

The team Brown leads includes two field technicians and two Information Services employees. The group works together to address a variety of issues, both remotely and onsite. 

Besides maintaining existing signs, the team will lead efforts to add real-time signs at 60 METRO D Line stations this year and to replace real-time signs along the A Line, C Line and Nicollet Mall corridors. 

To help the team proactively address issues, Brown asks employees and customers to speak up when they see something that isn't working as intended. Issues should be reported to Customer Relations. 

“We know we can’t catch everything,” Brown said. “If you see something, please let us know. In fact, I get nervous when we aren’t hearing about things."

See an issue with signage?

Contact Customer Relations at 612-373-3333 or report an issue online.