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Talking to Kids About Trains

Talking to kids about trains

Kids love trains and are bound to be curious about the tracks and light-rail trains. It's important that they are taught to respect the rules that go along with them.

Parents: Talk to your children about keeping a safe distance from trains and tracks.

  • It’s okay to play with toy trains at home. It's not okay to play on or near light rail tracks EVER.
  • The overhead wires that power the train are extremely dangerous when touched. Do not fly kites near these wires or touch them with anything.
  • Always step over the tracks – don't ride scooters, skateboards, or bikes over the tracks.
  • Do not walk on the rails. Rails are slippery and switches are dangerous.
  • Never throw things at passing trains or put anything on the tracks.

Metro Transit offers free safety presentations for organizations and schools. Learn how to arrange a presentation.