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Card Transaction Data – Suppression Request

The region uses Go-To Cards and passes to collect fares on buses, METRO lines and Northstar. Personal data collected by the regional fare collection system and (requiring a user account) is private pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 13.72, subdivision 19.

Although providing personal information is voluntary, and the data is classified as private, the information listed below is available if the fare card’s 16-digit serial number is provided. Please note: third party distributors such as employers and social service agencies often track card serial numbers because they are needed to refill fare cards. 

  1. The date a fare card was used;
  2. The time a fare card was used;
  3. The mode of travel
  4. The type of fare product that was used; and
  5. Information about the date, time and type of fare product purchased.

Although card transaction information is not linked to card registration data (e.g. name, home address) some cardholders may wish to suppress the information that is viewable if a 16-digit serial number is provided. Should you choose to submit this form, if your card's 16-digit serial number is queried, only the fare card balance and the date a card was last used will be displayed.

> Data Suppression Request Form

> Learn more about Metro Transit’s privacy policy