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Super Saver passes

SuperSaver 31-Day Passes and Stored Value Cards are pre-paid fares that save you money. For the same savings along with faster boarding and rechargeable convenience, upgrade to a Go-To Card.

Which SuperSaver should I buy?

If you ride nearly every day, the SuperSaver 31-Day Pass is a great deal. Its price is based on 42 rides per month at the discounted rate. If you ride fewer than five days per week, a Stored Value Card may work best for you.

Please note: Stored Value Cards cannot be used on trains. If your trip begins on a bus and you transfer to a train, purchase a Go-To Card. SuperSaver 31-Day Passes (including Mobility) and Stored Value Cards are no longer sold online or at Metro Transit stores; please purchase a reusable Go-To Card instead. 

Do SuperSavers have expiration dates?

Stored Value Cards may be used on buses at any time. A SuperSaver 31-Day Pass may be purchased at any time and is good for unlimited rides on buses or trains for 31 consecutive days beginning the first time you ride. Note: You must activate a 31-Day Pass on a bus before using it on a train.

Does one SuperSaver save me more than another?

No. Each save you money on every ride. However, since the price of a 31-Day Pass is based on 42 rides at a discounted rate, every ride you take after 42 is, in effect, free.

SuperSaver Stored Value Cards

Can I use my Stored Value Card to ride the train?

Sorry, Stored Value Cards cannot be used on trains. If your trip begins on a bus and you transfer to light rail, use a Go-To Card instead. If you ride the train and receive Stored Value Cards through an employer or organization, you can transfer the value of your cards to a Go-To Card. Submit your Stored Value Cards along with a mail order form.

What do I do when my card has less than the current fare left on it?

Stored Value Cards work just like cash. Insert your card into the reader and any remaining value will be deducted from it. The reader's display will show the remaining fare needed. Then add the difference in cash, or insert another Stored Value Card.

Can I pay for a friend with my Stored Value Card?

Yes. If you are paying for others and planning to transfer, tell the driver before you insert your card into the reader. The driver will then issue individual transfers for each person in your group.

SuperSaver prices

Stored Value Card
Purchase Price Cash Value Savings
$10.00 $11.00 $1.00


31-Day Pass
Good for unlimited rides for 31 days from the first time used.
Cash Fare Pass Price Savings
$1.75 $59.00 $14.50
$ .75 $31.50**
** $31.50 Pass available only to persons with limited mobility, who must show proper ID for purchase and use. For information on certification, call Customer Relations at 612-373-3333

Where can I buy SuperSavers?

SuperSavers are sold only to wholesale organizations that redistribute passes.



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