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Safe travel during winter weather

If service is significantly affected, updates will be shared here, to customers signed up to receive Rider Alerts via email or text message and on Metro Transit's Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Did your operator do an outstanding job in the snow? Tell us about it by writing a commendation

> Read about Metro Transit's snow removal procedures

> If you must travel – put safety first
When extreme winter conditions exist, it is always safest to stay where you are. If you absolutely must travel, the bus or train is often your best option.

Buses will stop on level surfaces where it is safe to do so. Remain away from the curb or edge of the rail platform until the bus or train comes to a complete stop.

> Expect delays
Plan ahead and take an earlier trip to make sure you arrive on time. Remember – if conditions are slowing traffic, buses will be delayed. Be assured that your driver is doing everything possible to stay on schedule while maintaining safety. You can also use the "Show My Bus" feature in NexTrip to track arrivals. 

> Stay warm!
Get smart riding tips for winter weather.

Metro Transit may detour buses on a route-by-route basis if conditions warrant. These detours are shown below. Familiarize yourself now with the changes that could be made to your route. Note: check with these suburban transit providers regarding their service during winter weather: MVTA, SouthWest Transit and Plymouth Metrolink.

Northstar in snow

If a route is placed on detour, we will notify customers signed up for Rider Alerts by text or email. If you aren't already signed up for your route, do it today! An alert will also display on its online schedule page. We'll regularly post updates on detours to this page, on Twitter and on Facebook

It is highly unlikely that service will be suspended entirely. Metro Transit has stopped service only twice in its history, both as a result of record-breaking snowfall.

After the storm – the return to regular service
Depending on the storm's severity, it may take hours to days for detoured buses to return to their regular routes. Again, check back to this site, TwitterFacebook or call 612-373-3333 to find out when regular service will resume.

Buses may be detoured on a route-by-route basis as conditions warrant.

If your route goes on detour during a winter storm, it will operate as listed below:

D Line

  • No northbound service on Chicago Ave. between 42nd St. and 39th St.

Route 2

  • Westbound buses will end at 22nd St. and Lyndale Ave. Eastbound buses will start at 22nd St. and Lyndale Ave., and take 24th St. and Hennepin Ave. to Franklin Ave.

Route 3

  • No Route 3B service on Western Ave. or on Front east of Dale St./Como Ave. Board buses on Como Ave.

Route 5

  • No northbound service on Chicago Ave. between 42nd St. and 39th St.

Route 6

  • No Route 6C E, G, or K service on Sheridan Ave, south of 42nd St., Upton Ave. or 44th St. 

Route 7

  • No service from Washburn to the Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park.

Route 9

  • No service on Laurel or Upton. All Route 9 buses will stay on Cedar Lake Road.
  • Board Route 9N buses to Minneapolis westbound on Greenbrier Rd. No service on Hedberg Drive.

Route 11

  • No Route 11B service on Randolph St. NE. Board buses on Grand south of 30th.
  • No Route 11C service on 2 1/2 St. NE or 35th Ave. NE. Board buses on Main St. NE or 37th Ave NE. 
Route 14
  • No southbound service on Oakdale Ave. at North Memorial Hospital. Board buses on Oakdale Ave. at Chowen.

Route 17

  • No Route 17F service to Park Glen Apartments lot. Board buses on Belt Line Blvd.

Route 21

  • No westbound service on Smith or Kellogg Blvd. Board buses on 6th St. or on Summit Ave. by St. Paul College.

Route 23

  • No service on Kenneth St. or Hillcrest Ave. Board buses on westbound Ford Pkwy. at Finn.

Route 21

  • No service into the Chicago Lake Transit Center.  Board buses on Lake St.

Route 25

  • No service on McKinley St. Buses will stay on Stinson Blvd. both ways.

Route 32

  • No service from Washburn to the Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park.

Route 46

  • Buses will travel on 50th St., Grange Rd. and Eden Ave. to Vernon Ave.
  • No service at Eden Ave. turnaround. Board buses on Vernon Ave. at Speedway.

Route 61

  • No westbound service on Arlington between Rice St. and Wheelock Pkwy. Board buses on Arlington at Rice or on Arlington at Arundel.
  • No service on Industrial Blvd. or Godward north of Broadway.

Route 62

  • No service on Albemarle St, Board buses on Rice St.

  • No service on Hwy. 36 and Rice St. Park & Ride. Board buses on Rice St.

Route 63

  • No eastbound Route 63 service on Suburban Ave. east of Burns Ave. Board buses on eastbound Suburban Ave., east of White Bear Ave. 

Route 64

  • No Route 64H service into Hillcrest. Board buses on White Bear Ave.
  • No eastbound service on Payne Ave. between Minnehaha Ave. and Whitall St. Board buses on Minnehaha Ave. at Edgerton St. or Payne at York Ave.

Route 68

  • No service on Albemarle St, Board buses on Rice St. NEW
  • No Route 68M service to Camelot St. and California Ave. Board buses on Larpenteur Ave. at Camelot St.
  • No service on Timber Lake Rd. Board buses on Jackson St.

Route 71

  • No service on L'Orient st. between University Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. Board buses on L'Orient north of Pennsylvania or on University.
  • No service on Westminster St. between Cayuga St. and Case Ave or on Case. Board buses on Arkwright, Case to Maryland.
  • No service on Hawthorne or on Westminster between Arlington and Hawthorne. Board buses on Westminster north of Arlington or on Arkwright south of Maryland.

Route 74

  • No service to Wilder Park high-rise. Board buses on Randolph.
  • No westbound service on Randolph between Victoria and Edgcumbe. Board westbound buses at Victoria or Syndicate.

Route 75

  • No service to Colleen Loney Manor. Board buses on Robert St.
  • No service into Lake Cove apartments. Board buses on Babcock Trail.

Route 83

  • Northbound buses will travel on Randolph Ave. and Edgecumbe Rd. in the opposite direction. Board northbound buses on westbound Jefferson Ave. or on Southbound Edgecumbe. 

Route 87

  • No service on Kenneth or Ford Pkwy. Board buses on Cleveland north of Pinehurst.

Route 270

  • No Route 270P service into Hwy. 36 and Rice Street Park & Ride. Board buses on Co. Rd. B.

Route 294

  • No service into St. Croix Valley Recreation Center Park & Ride lot. Board buses on Market Drive until lot is plowed.
  • No service to downtown Stillwater. Board buses on Pine at 4th St

Route 323

  • No service on Londin Lane from Lower Afton Rd to McKnight Rd. Board buses on McKnight Rd at Lower Afton Rd

Route 353

  • Route 353 buses will not enter the Woodbury Theatre Park and Ride unless the lot is plowed. Board buses on Queens Dr.

Route 615

  • Westbound buses travel on Cedar Lake Rd. and Greenbrier Rd. in the opposite direction.  Board buses to Ridgedale on westbound Greenbrier Rd.

Route 667

  • Route 667 buses will stay on 36th St. to the shelter at Amhurst. No service on Independence Ave. or Gettysburg Ave.

Route 721

  • No service into Hennepin Technical College. Board buses on Northland south of Brooklyn Blvd.

Route 760

  • No service into 65th Ave./Brooklyn Blvd. Park & Ride lot. Buses will stay on Brooklyn Blvd.

Route 766

  • No service into Richardson Park Park & Ride lot.  Board buses via Hwy. 169 on Hwy. 169 and buses via the business park on Cartway Rd.