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Seeking feedback on METRO B Line recommendations

Based on initial planning work, Metro Transit has developed preliminary recommendations for the proposed METRO B Line bus rapid transit corridor:

• The B Line is now recommended to extend to downtown St. Paul, serving Lake Street, Marshall Avenue, and Selby Avenue. Initial plans called for the B Line to only go as far east as Snelling Avenue.

• In order to provide a faster and more reliable experience, the B Line is planned to follow a more direct route than Route 21 does today and will connect with the METRO A Line at Snelling & Dayton Station.

• The B Line will stop less frequently at improved stations with heat, light and other amenities. Preliminary recommendations for the B Line include stops at 33 locations with an average of 2-3 stops per mile.

• In addition to B Line service, Route 21 is recommended to continue running on Lake Street between Hennepin Avenue and Minnehaha Avenue every 30 minutes. We are also continuing to study additional potential local bus service between Selby Avenue and the Midway area.

These recommendations are a chance to provide feedback on early outcomes of the planning process as B Line planning continues.

Provide feedback!

Take a short B Line Survey to provide your feedback before Jan. 31.

The B Line survey is also translated into multiple languages:

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