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Security on Transit

Smart Riding Habits

Metro Transit is committed to keeping buses and trains safe. Our employees are trained to deal with security issues, and we have our own professional police force watching out for your safety.

Security is everyone's business. You can play a part.

While waiting for your ride

  • Wait in well-lighted areas and near other customers. At a bus stop without a shelter, wait under a street light or near a business with a lighted window.
  • Report suspicious activity. Tell your bus driver right away. The driver can alert authorities by radio.
  • If someone harasses you, yell or run away. Call 911 or notify a bus driver. File a report or call Transit Police at 612-349-7200.

While you’re riding

  • Be aware of those around you.
  • Notify the bus driver or Northstar conductor if someone harasses you, or if you see someone being harassed.
  • Sit near the driver, particularly during non-rush hours.

Ruin a pickpocket’s day

  • Electronics are a target for thieves, especially near vehicle doors.
    > Read more about protecting your electronic device
  • Make sure purses have secure clasps that you cover with your hand or arm while riding. Carry valuables inside your garment, not in rear pockets.
  • Avoid commotion or loud arguments that distract you from watching your valuables.
  • If you are bumped or squeezed between people, be aware that a pickpocket and a helper may be at work.
  • If you see a pickpocket, yell: "Pickpocket!" This warns others and may cause the pickpocket to flee. Notify your driver.
  • Report a pickpocketing incident to police. As soon as you realize something has been stolen, call Transit Police at 612-349-7200.

Security for young riders

  • Teach your child good bus riding habits by using them yourself. A well-prepared child is a safe child!
  • Point out unsafe behavior. Children often don’t recognize unsafe situations. Make a game of having your child identify smart riding behavior.
  • Hold your child’s hand when getting on and off a bus.

What to do in an emergency

  • If you have an emergency, immediately call 911. Emergency 911 calls from pay phones and cellular phones are free.