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Scaling back State Fair service is a hard, but correct choice

Posted by Drew Kerr | Wednesday, August 11, 2021 1:00:00 PM

From General Manager Wes Kooistra

Due to a shortage of bus operators, we will be providing significantly less State Fair express bus service this year compared to prior years.

Scaling back our traditional service level was an incredibly difficult decision, and one we arrived at after serious efforts to avoid this outcome. We take tremendous pride in our State Fair service and value the opportunity it provides us to connect with the communities we serve.

We are disappointed we are unable to provide more service this year, and we know our decision will leave many fairgoers disappointed.

But the reality is we simply don’t have enough operators to serve the State Fair without putting our regularly scheduled transit service at risk.

Like many employers, we are facing an employee shortage. We have been actively recruiting bus operators since the beginning of the year and those efforts are continuing. Unfortunately, these efforts have not significantly increased our operator numbers in time for this year’s State Fair.

While we wish we could provide more State Fair express bus service this year, our first focus must be maintaining our regular transit service for the people who rely on us every day to meet their transportation needs.

Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times.

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