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Route 2

Route 2 Improvements

In 2018 Metro Transit began a new initiative to improve the transit experience on local routes. We considered changes both on and off the bus to make your trip better, faster and more reliable. Following the Route 2 pilot, this became Metro Transit's Better Bus Routes program. 

Changes were implemented October 13, 2018.

  • Rebalanced bus stop locations to make the trip faster, with stops spaced up to 1/4 mile apart
  • Installed new shelters and upgrade existing ones, throughout 2018 and into 2019
  • Gave buses the ability to ask for green lights (signal priority) at intersections with long delays

Why Route 2?

  • The route is very slow, even compared to other similar urban bus routes
  • It is also one of the busiest (8th busiest Metro Transit route) with 6,000 weekday boardings
  • It serves major destinations, transit connections, and neighborhood venues


Meeting materials from June 6, 2018, open house (PDF)

Map of routing and bus stop changes to route 2