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Respect the Ride

Learn the rules that make riding transit a good experience for everyone!

Read Metro Transit's full Customer Code of Conduct here.

Illustration: Robot leaves trash.

Clean as you go 

Take pride in your ride by taking your trash with you!

Illustration: Robot will not adjust volume.

Adjust your volume

Keep your vocal volume soft and your calls short so you won’t disrupt or distract others.

Illustration: Robot is sleeping on seat.

Power down, don't power off 

Feel free to rest your eyes but your fare does not include a bed across multiple seats.

Illustration: Robot is smoking.

Smoking is a system failure 

Smoking and e-cigarettes are not allowed in shelters, on platforms or on vehicles.

Illustration: Robot is swearing.

Language for all makes and models 

Keep the experience enjoyable for riders of all ages and stages by avoiding bad language!

Illustration: Robot is using external speakers.

Mute your external speakers

Playing music, podcasts or games quietly on earbuds and headphones is the proper protocol.

Illustration: Robot will not share space.

Make it fit

Your fare entitles you to one seat. Always sit in an interior seat if available and keep your legs, body or bags limited to your single space.

Illustration: Robot will not move out of seat.

Move when you can 

Be respectful when riding by giving up your seat to senior, disabled or pregnant customers.

Illustration: Robot is clipping fingernails

Hygiene hijinks

Maintenance should be done at home. Avoid clipping nails, applying make-up, polishes or scents.

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