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Lake Street/Midtown Station

Each station along the METRO Blue Line not only has public art but each architectural design team included an artist. This station was designed by:

Julie Snow Architects

Thomas Rose, architectural design team artist

Topped with a translucent glass roof, the 300-foot-long station bridges Lake Street to the west of the Hiawatha overpass. Glass-enclosed elevators, escalators and stairways carry people up from street level. Horizontal panels are woven into the side of the station with warm colors on the south end and cool colors on the north end. Mirrored letters spelling “Wonder” appear in the north tower.

Image of public art at the Lake Street / Midtown Station on the METRO Blue Line.

Untitled by Hibaaq Ibrahim

A painted mural of colorful and abstracted plant and animal forms located on the exterior walls to both escalator lobbies.

Colorful mural by Hibaaq Ibrahim at Lake Street Station

Untitled by Andrés Guzman

Painted mural of native plants and pollinators on Utility Building beneath bridge, south end.

 Lake Street / Midtown Station Art

Small Kindnesses: Weather Permitting; Hit the bell! #3, Ring the bell and see #20, Thanks a million #30, and Please turn the wheel #14

Interactive stainless steel boxes with audio and video stories about “weather” and “courtesy.”

For more images, history and information about the artist, click on this link.

 Lake Street / Midtown Station Art