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Nicollet Avenue Station

Burnsville Heart of the City Station, Burnsville                                         

The station will be located on the southwest corner of Nicollet Avenue and Highway 13 in Burnsville’s Heart of the City district. The Burnsville Heart of the City Station will serve as the last southbound station and layover for the Orange Line. There will be one 120-foot long platform that includes two shelter waiting areas with a large canopy. Public parking is available at an existing municipal ramp in this area, and new sidewalks will connect the station to Nicollet Avenue and Travelers Trail.

During project planning, this station was previously referred to as the Travelers Trail site, then as Nicollet Avenue Station. In 2017, the City of Burnsville led a local station naming process and Burnsville's City Council recommended that this station be named "Burnsville Heart of the City."

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