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On Off The Clock Transit Police

On the Clock/Off the Clock: Capt. Rick Grates

Posted by Laura Baenen | Wednesday, December 30, 2020 3:40:00 PM

Capt. Rick Grates in his office with police memorabilia.

Lives: West Metro  
Years of service: 16 years 
Family: A wife, two daughters and two Labradors. My daughters are in college, one is about to earn a degree in social work and the other is studying elementary education.   

How did you come to work at Metro Transit and what do you do? 

I was in my tenth year at a municipal police department when I saw that Metro Transit was hiring officers to expand the department for the Blue Line opening and beyond. Having grown up in the metro area, I was familiar with how much everything was growing. I was lucky enough to jump “on-board” in April 2005. It has been a great opportunity to expand my law enforcement career. I am now the captain of patrol operations and work from the headquarters.  

What do you like the most about your work?   

The ability to reach out to so many people across Metro Transit as a resource to address problems and get educated on the needs of our riders, operators, and everyone who keeps it all running. Many don’t realize how much teamwork and coordination it takes to put on a State Fair or Super Bowl. I can’t wait to get back to what we do best. 

What are your favorite activities when you’re “Off the Clock”? 

My father was also a police officer. During his 25 years of service, he collected police memorabilia. After thinking about how much the Metro Transit Police Department grew since it began in 1993, I also began to collect department memorabilia. When I retire, I hope to donate items to the department.  

Earlier this year, I picked up Gracie, my now nearly 1-year-old female puppy, from a breeder in Lawton, N.D.  Reagan, our 11-year-old lab, did not seem to like the idea of her heir apparent moving in. One evening, I tried to play with the puppy, but Reagan nudged and pulled my arm away from Gracie. I didn’t notice that my wife recorded the whole thing. She sent it to America’s Funniest Home Videos, which aired the clip on Nov. 22.