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On Off The Clock

On the Clock/Off the Clock: Mark Jessee 

| Friday, October 7, 2022 8:58:00 AM

Lives: Brooklyn Park 
Job: Lead Stockkeeper 
Garage: Nicollet   
Years of service: 21 

How did you come to work at Metro Transit and what do you do? 

After being laid off from a large food supplier, I had the propensity to find more secure employment. I had previous driving experience at Minnesota Valley Transit Authority and drive for the University of Iowa's Cambus system while going to school there. So, I knew Metro Transit would be a good option for me. I started here in 2001.  

What are your favorite activities when you’re working or “On the Clock”? 

I get along well with the people I work with at Nicollet Garage and appreciate the diversity of cultures and variety in personalities. This could be one of the few workplaces in Minnesota to have such a variety. This is important to me. 

What are your favorite activities when you’re not working or “Off the Clock”? 

I enjoy endurance activities like running or cycling, and especially gravel cycling. So I started an event company with my wife and a couple friends. This October in Northfield, we’ll host our first event called Gray Duck Grit. It’s an epic challenge for cyclists with routes of 111, 222, and 333 miles long. Proceeds go to the Washburn Center for Children to help provide affordable health care to families struggling with mental illness. This is more important today than ever before. I hope all of us can do more to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.