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Newest Metro Transit police officer ready to be there for those who need it

Posted by Drew Kerr | Tuesday, February 28, 2023 9:16:00 PM

Metro Transit’s newest police officer is still getting used to patrolling the Blue Line late into the night alongside a field training officer. But it’s a job she’s been preparing for her almost her entire life.

Growing up in Saint Paul, Gina Vue and her six siblings often interacted with Saint Paul police who would come around to help calm tense situations, offer food, and make sure her family was OK.

The interactions gave a young Vue the thought of becoming an officer later in life, a goal she achieved when she was sworn in before her family and co-workers in February.

“I always wanted to be that person for the little girl who needed it,” Vue said. “It means a lot to now be in a position where I can do that.”

Working for the Metro Transit Police Department is extra special, because Vue and her siblings relied heavily on transit growing up. A graduate of Harding High School, Vue frequently rode routes 21, 74 and 63.

After high school, Vue attended Saint Cloud State and then transferred to Century College.

While earning her degree, she spent almost two years as a Metro Transit Community Service Officer (CSO), joining police officers on calls, riding transit, and performing other duties.

Vue said that experience affirmed her interest in building her career at the Metro Transit Police Department, which she’s come to see as extended family. Someday, she hopes she can lead other officers as a sergeant.

But first, she knows she needs to continue putting in the hard work. “I’ve got to get out of that CSO mindset, because now I’m the one answering the calls and addressing the issues,” she said.

We’re hiring!

We are seeking part-time Community Service Officers (CSOs) who are in school and on their way to becoming police officers. In addition to competitive benefits and pay, CSOs are now eligible for tuition reimbursement up to $18,000. Learn more and apply here.