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New cameras will improve light rail security, service

| Tuesday, February 4, 2020 10:23:00 AM

Metro Transit will soon have a much better picture of what’s happening inside light rail vehicles. 

Four high-resolution cameras offering 360-degree views will be installed inside the passenger areas of all 91 light rail vehicles this year, replacing equipment that has become outdated. 

In addition to providing better images, the new technology will provide police officers, police dispatchers and rail supervisors a live view of what’s happening inside trains for the first time. With the current technology, video captured on trains could only be obtained later. 

Accessing live video will help officers assess the severity of an incident and identify suspects or individuals in need when they arrive. Clearer video will also help with investigations and prosecutions. 

Rail supervisors who remotely monitor light rail service will use the cameras to help decide if a train needs to be taken out of service for cleaning, and to help manage large events.  

The new cameras were tested on a single light rail vehicle over the past year. The Metropolitan Council approved a contract for new cameras to be installed fleetwide in January and the new equipment is expected to be installed in the coming months.

Live video is already available from all rail and Bus Rapid Transit stations, and from busy boarding areas like the Chicago-Lake Transit Center and the Brooklyn Center Transit Center.

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