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MPS Code of Conduct

Minneapolis Public School Student Pass Program

Code of Conduct Agreement

Standard code of conduct rules:

  • • Be courteous and act respectfully toward bus drivers, other riders and transit staff.
  • • No smoking or eating. Beverages only in covered containers and music only through headphones.  
  • • Hours of use: The Go-To Student Pass is valid between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. At all other times, cash must be used to pay the fare. When riding a Northstar train, your Go-To Student Pass is good for the first $3 of the fare; any remaining fare must come from stored value added to your Go-To Student Pass.
  • • Keep cell phone use and discussions quiet and to a minimum.
  • • Do not engage in inappropriate actions or use inappropriate language.
  • • Remain seated when possible – if standing, hold onto hand rails.
  • • Customers with wheelchairs or walkers board first and exit last.
  • • On buses, aisle-facing seats are reserved for those with disabilities and senior customers.
  • • If buses or trains are full, please give your seat to a senior or a person with disabilities.
  • • On train platforms, stand behind the yellow line and stay alert for approaching trains.
  • • Train platforms are for boarding and exiting trains only; no loitering and never stand or play on the tracks.
  • • Do not attempt to board or exit a train or bus when the doors are closing.
  • • No skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycling or playing on train platforms.
  • • Report train emergencies using intercoms located at the front and back doors of each car.
  • Emergency phones and video cameras are located on each train platform; on buses, notify the operator if there is an emergency.
  • • Prior to boarding, touch your Go-To Student Pass to the validator located on the buses or rail platform each time you ride.
  • • Report a lost or stolen student pass to your school’s Student Pass Coordinator immediately.
  • • Only you are permitted to use your Go-To Student Pass. Your student ID is on the back of your Go-To-Student Pass.
  • • If your student pass is suspended or deactivated you will be responsible for your own transportation

Possible Consequences for infractions:

Examples of minor infractions: excessive noisiness; swearing/profanity; littering; spitting; play-fighting/rough-housing; or refusing to use head-phones while listening to music. Possible consequences:  warnings and/or loss of Go-To Student Pass privileges for up to 3 weeks except for travel to and from school.

Examples of major infractions:  use and possession of tobacco; use of lighters, matches or other flammable objects; possession of alcohol or drugs; failure to follow driver’s directions; verbal threats; vandalism; physical aggression toward others; or possession of a weapon. Possible consequences:  deactivation of student pass; loss of all ridership privileges for 30 days or more; or being banned from all Metro Transit property including buses, trains and stops.