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"Dancing Mill City"

Title: Dancing Mill City

Artist: Aldo Moroni

Material: Granite, enameled glass mounted on steel

Material: Laser cut 3/16" mild steel, paint, stainless steel hardware

Description: 62 flat building shapes of varying form made from laser-cut 3/16" sheet steel and painted in primary colors: red, yellow and blue. The building shapes are attached to a painted steel fence. The fence and benches are not considered part of the artwork.

Public Art Cedar Riverside image of Aldo Moroni Art

Public Art Cedar Riverside image of Aldo Moroni Art

Public Art Cedar Riverside image of Aldo Moroni Art

Whimsical and colorful representations of architecture are attached to two sections of woven fence. The building shapes evoke tall skyscrapers that bend and twist and are painted the bright primary colors of Metro Transit. Some of the architecture is taken directly from the Minneapolis skyline viewable in the distance.

Image of Minneapolis skyline

Sculptor Aldo Moroni, a 1976 graduate of The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, is known for his signature small-scale architectural ceramic buildings.

A five-year installation project based on Babylon featured Moroni’s building of the miniature city for a year and then destroying it during a ceremonial event. He then would, again, build the city for a year, but a more modern version referencing the succession of history. It would then be destroyed, again. The final version was a Tower of Babel eight feet tall. The community was invited to help create the city as well as be involved in the destruction events.

Community participation is integral to Moroni’s process, which he regards a new form of social art. His work is informed by the audience’s dialog as much as his work also creates dialog.

Moroni received a McKnight Visual Artists Fellowship in 2010 and is represented in many collections.

Aldo Moroni in front of his Babylon sculpture

Detail of babylon Sculpture by Aldo Moroni