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January 28, 2015

Metro Transit 2014 ridership is highest in more than three decades

Customers wait to board a light-rail train at Target Field Station.Metro Transit buses and trains carried passengers on 84.5 million trips in 2014, the highest ridership tally since 1981. The ridership figure reflects an increase of more than 3.1 million rides, or 3.9 percent, compared to 2013.

The increase in Metro Transit ridership was bolstered by the rousing success of METRO Green Line light rail transit along the University Avenue corridor since the line's opening in June. Light rail ridership on the line soared to just more than 6.5 million through year’s end as riders took advantage of the new option to travel from Saint Paul to Minneapolis and points in between. When combined with bus routes still traveling along University, Metro Transit provided more than 3.4 million additional rides along the corridor.

“We thank our dedicated passengers and see this as a prominent sign that people in the Twin Cities region recognize and embrace the importance of a reliable transit system,” said Metro Transit General Manager Brian Lamb. “As the region grows, we look forward to growing along with it, continuing to exceed our riders’ expectations, connecting people with our communities.”

Metro Transit bus operators in 2014 provided more than 67.8 million rides throughout the Twin Cities. The Northstar Commuter Rail Line accounted for more than 721,000 rides. The METRO Blue Line, connecting Minneapolis to the Minneapolis – Saint Paul International Airport, the Mall of America and points in between, accounted for just under 9.5 million rides bringing the number of rides since it began operations to nearly 100 million. 

Bolstered by population growth in the greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region and by changing transportation preferences and expanded service, transit ridership in 2014 was up 3.5 percent across all providers in the seven-county metro area. Total transit ridership in the region in 2014 was 97.7 million rides. 

Metro Transit 2014 Ridership Summary

  2014 Rides Avg. Weekday Rides
Bus* 67,814,305 224,208
Green Line 6,507,036 34,548
Blue Line






TOTAL 84,535,512 288,939

*Metro Transit's bus ridership includes rides on Maple Grove Transit routes operated by Metro Transit.