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E Line

METRO E Line open houses, surveys provide meaningful feedback

Posted by John Komarek | Monday, January 7, 2019 10:25:00 AM

The proposed METRO E Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is planned to run between downtown Minneapolis and Lake Street.

Where it goes from there, however, is still being decided. It could connect with the Green Line extension, or it could travel further south. It could connect the U of M to downtown and south Minneapolis.

“We’re dedicated to finding out what will make BRT work best in the communities it serves,” Supervisor of Public Involvement Sophia Ginis said. “An important step in that process is getting community feedback.”

At two open houses in the affected corridors and in an online survey, community members provided feedback for a route that would serve than 118,000 people  in Minneapolis and Edina.

More than 550 transit users and community members responded with 90 percent of the online survey responders representing regular riders and 75 percent of them who live or work in the corridor.

Online and in-person feedback supported a northbound routing along 4th Street and University Avenue SE that serves the University of Minnesota with numbers between 80-100 percent in favor.

"Extending the E Line is incredibly important to our neighborhood because of the significant population increase in Marcy-Holmes over the past decade,” Chris Lautenschlager, Executive Director of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association said. “These new residents—as well as the long-time residents that have lived here for decades—want the convenience that the E Line offers."

Southbound, respondents favored a terminus at the Southdale Mall, however, they were split on which road should take them there: France Avenue, Xerxes Avenue, or a combination of both.

Metro Transit will continue evaluating potential E Line routing options, including ongoing public outreach and engagement, throughout 2019. A final recommendation is planned for fall of 2019.