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Like father, like son

| Wednesday, October 8, 2014 4:05:00 PM

Heywood Garage operator Jack Berner took first place in Metro Transit’s 2014 Bus Roadeo, an annual skills competition that involves a series of driving challenges. In second place: his son, fellow Operator Jason Berner.

That the father-son duo placed first and second among the 108 operators who competed in this year’s competition isn’t all that surprising. Jack Berner has won 10 previous Roadeos and helped his son Jason prepare for this year’s competition by practicing on the course with him in advance.

Passing along safe driving advice is a matter of habit for the elder Berner. As an instructor, he works with fellow operators to improve their skills and succeed on the road. “I take a lot of satisfaction in that,” he said.

The third place finisher was Nicollet Operator Douglas John, who also took home the Rookie of the Year award. Garage champions include: Jack Berner (Heywood); Douglas John (Nicollet); David Palm (East Metro); David DeCarlo (South); and Denny Bell (Ruter). Metro Transit's top finishers will advance to state and national competitions.

Photo: Operator Jack Berner with Heywood Garage Manager Doyne Parsons.

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