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Know Your Operator

Know Your Operator: Phil Wostrel, Blue Line

| Thursday, June 9, 2022 12:46:00 PM

Relief Instructor and Train Operator Phil Wostrel had to leave Metro Transit to discover what he really liked about it.

First hired in the mid-1990s as a part-time bus operator, Wostrel left after four years to work full time in shipping and receiving for a local printer. When their healthcare benefits became unaffordable, he came back.

Wostrel rejoined Metro Transit as a part-time bus operator six years ago, with a goal of quickly transferring to light rail. Today, he is among eight relief instructors who both train operators and operate in-service vehicles.

"It’s a good paying job if you stick around," Wostrel said. "You get great benefits, and you get a pension when you retire."

More than that, he enjoys helping his peers, spotting wild turkeys and hawks as he navigates past Fort Snelling, and serving the community. "If I get a grandmother or a little boy or girl to their destination, it’s worth it to me helping get that one person where they wanted to go,’’ Wostrel said.

To be a successful train operator, Wostrel said, you need to be equal parts patient and diligent. "Some people say you just sit in a cab and make the train go forward. You need to have the right personality and follow the rules. Once you learn them, they’re easy to follow,’’ he said.

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