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Know your Operator: John Brown, East Metro

Posted by John Komarek | Tuesday, July 20, 2021 12:18:00 PM

Years of Service: 5

Garage: East Metro

Lives: Woodbury

Family: Wife, three kids, and two grandchildren

After 27 years working at a big box grocery store, John Brown decided it was time for a change. He had a degree as a diesel mechanic, which led him to a private company contracted to service Transit Link vehicles for 14 years.

“It was great while it lasted, however, their contract ended, and I was out of a job. Brown said. “So, I decided to get a job at the source: Metro Transit.”

In 2016, he started out as part-time operator but quickly went full time, eventually finding a home at East Metro Garage. In just five years, he discovered he could move and find opportunities quickly, even serving as a light rail operator during the Super Bowl.

“Every day is an adventure,” he said. “You have great days and some tough ones, but that’s where other drivers help.”

While the pay and benefits are good, he says his fellow operators are the reason he stays here. On days when things were tough, they were a listening and experienced ear. It wasn’t long after, he decided to become a mentor himself.

Today, he’s a relief instructor who helps new hires. “When you’re new, it’s especially tough,” Brown said. “I’m glad I can be there to help others when things just aren’t going right. I’ll always be there for anyone who needs help.”

After a few careers over the decades, he finally found his home at Metro Transit, where he plans to work and help other operators until he retires. “It gets better every year here at Metro Transit,” he said.

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