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In This Together: Silas Sharp

Posted by John Komarek | Thursday, May 7, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Staff across the organization are contributing to Metro Transit’s response to the coronavirus. Employees talk about how their work has changed and what it’s like to serve during a pandemic.

Silas Sharp, Mechanic-Technician, Nicollet Garage

How has the pandemic affected your day-to-day work?

The pandemic makes me stop and think, specifically about what we take for granted on the job and at home. People look at our buses differently because of this pandemic. Every surface is suspect, so we increased the amount of times we clean and sanitize buses. I find myself doing more and more of that during my overnight shifts.

What’s it like working through a pandemic? 

It doesn't feel much different than my normal overnight shift. The shifts are quieter than the daytime and a lot more long term work can get done without the hustle and bustle that accompanies peak operations. Some work is just increased, like more bus cleaning and sanitizing, but to me, the job itself hasn't changed. Even though I don't get to see the customers or drivers often, every day during the pandemic, I hope that my work is making a difference to help keep them safe.

How has your life changed outside of work?

Not much has changed for me at home. I'm more aware of things I never really thought about until this happened. I'm washing my hands more often than ever, which for a mechanic isn't too often on the job because you know they'll just get dirty again, but with this situation, you've got to do it. I just hope that we all stay safe and that we get through this together.

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