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How We Roll

How We Roll: Mary Capistrant

Posted by John Komarek | Friday, August 9, 2019 9:27:00 AM

Many Metro Transit employees are committed to sustainable transportation, riding the bus or train, biking or walking to work and other destinations across the region.

These “How We Roll” profiles illustrate how much we have in common with our customers when it comes to how we get around. See you out there!

Mary Capistrant, Supervisor-Revenue Operations

How do you get to work?

I usually take Route 375 to and from the Guardian Angels Park & Ride, which is a ten-minute drive of my home in Woodbury. My commute is mostly to Minneapolis, but if I’m going to St. Paul, I get a bus at the Sun Ray Transit Center. For other work purposes, I’ll sometimes take light rail or routes 355, 94, 5, 19 or 22.

What led you to start taking transit?

For the first 17 years I worked at Metro Transit, I only took transit a few times a month. There are many reasons people justify not taking transit, like the perception that it takes too long or having to follow a schedule. I used some of the same reasons to justify my driving.

Motivated by knowing that parking was going to be limited and a cataracts surgery, I committed to commuting every day by bus and light rail. After years of mostly driving, I was surprised how easy and stress-free it was to take transit. Now I wished I had started much earlier.

What do you enjoy most about your commute?

In addition to being cost effective I found many more benefits than I expected. Since I generally take an express bus I enjoy the 20 minutes of quiet time both ways. Instead of paying attention to the road I can take that time back to do what I want. In the morning, this helps me prepare for my work day. On the way home, I’m able to set work aside so I can be fully present with my family.

Taking transit is helping me become healthier. Most days I choose to take an earlier bus and get off at Government Center, then walk through downtown. The extra movement checks that fitness box before my day even begins.