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How We Roll

How We Roll: Jamison Swift, Senior Manager, Business Technology

Posted by Drew Kerr | Friday, March 8, 2024 8:25:00 AM

How do you get to work?

Living in Fridley, I have a couple different ways to get to work. My preference is to use my bike and/or the Northstar train. I live under two miles away from the Fridley Station and so depending on weather, timing, or just how I'm feeling I often bike to the station and then board the train with my bike. Sometimes I'm interested in a longer ride and will just bike down through Columbia Heights and Northeast Minneapolis. The River Road north of St. Anthony Boulevard is a great bike path in the north metro.

Why do you choose to commute that way?

My wife and I live a pretty active lifestyle that includes a lot of outdoor activities like running, hiking, and biking. So, having an active commute helps me feel like I'm living out my values and being authentic to who I want to be.

I also believe we need public transportation to survive. The 'suburban experiment' has shown us that a car dependent culture comes with a huge number of trade-offs that are expensive and detrimental to an equitable region. The more options we can provide for people to travel by public transit, the better off everyone will be.

What do you enjoy most about your commute?

Riding along the river is really great way to start or end my day. On the train, getting to relax and decompress is wonderful. I can play some games on my phone and not think about anything while the train whisks me to where I need to go.

How We Roll celebrates Metro Transit employees who regularly ride transit and other forms of sustainable transportation. Read more How We Roll Q&As here.