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How We Roll: Claire Warren, engineer, electric bus infrastructure team 

Posted by Drew Kerr | Friday, May 5, 2023 1:53:00 PM

Engineer Claire Warren at the Green Line's Fairview Avenue Station.


How do you get to and from work? 

I recently started taking the Green Line again. I board at Fairview Avenue Station and hop off at Target Field. If the timing works better, I can also hop on the 94 in the morning. I typically commute three days a week from Saint Paul to Minneapolis and work from home the other two days.  

Why do you choose to commute using transit?  

When I take transit, I have 35 to 40 minutes to listen to music, a podcast or start reading work emails. I can setup my day, write a to-do list, and check my schedule. It’s convenient, and something I want to do more consistently. I grew up driving in a very rural area and was very car-dependent, which is a hard habit to break, especially if I have errands to run after work. 

How do you get around outside of your commute? 

My family is out of state, so I have a lot of air travel. When I go to the airport, I hop on the A Line and go to the 46th Street Station and catch the Blue Line. I'll also take the train if I'm going downtown to a concert or show. It’s a responsible way to go out on the weekend. And I enjoy biking. That’s something I'm trying to incorporate in my life more for those first- and last-mile connections. 

I am super excited about the B Line, which will connect my neighborhood to the Uptown-Chain of Lakes area. I look forward to bringing my bike on the bus to get to the lakes for a swim or to visit some of my favorite restaurants along Lake Street. 

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