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How We Roll

How We Roll: Christina Morrison

Posted by Kathy Graul | Wednesday, July 19, 2017 2:07:00 PM

Many Metro Transit employees are committed to sustainable transportation, riding the bus or train, biking or walking to work and other destinations across the region. These “How We Roll” profiles are a chance to illustrate how much we have in common with our customers when it comes to how we get around. See you out there!

Christina Morrison, Project Manager, Bus Rapid Transit

How do you get to work?

I live in St. Paul and I take the A Line to the Blue Line to downtown Minneapolis. My husband and I moved last Spring after living on University Avenue for about ten years. When I lived on University, I took the bus and the Green Line. I’ve been a daily transit rider for about twelve years.

Why do you choose to take transit?

We’ve been a one-car household since 2007. My husband works in the northern suburbs so he takes the car to work. I’ve always worked in the city, first as a planner for the City of St. Paul and now for Metro Transit, and haven’t needed a vehicle to get to work. As a Metro Transit employee with a free transit pass, my transportation costs are zero.

When my husband and I had kids, we chose a daycare on transit instead of getting a second car. We have twins who are now two years old. I walk the twins to daycare every morning right now, but in our previous location we used a combination of the Green Line and bus. That’s when I really discovered the challenges of bringing kids on transit! Strollers can be tough on buses, and with two infants I did not have a choice about using a stroller. Unlike the A Line or the train, buses don’t all have low-floor doors and open layouts — things you take for granted when you’re traveling by yourself. Like anything, you find a way to make it work.

How do you use transit outside of commuting?

We take the A Line to the Rosedale Mall, to dinner, to get groceries, or to get to the Blue Line and the Mall of America. We also rely on transit for doctor’s appointments, haircuts and any other kind of errand.

What are the benefits of bringing your kids on transit?

There’s something about having twins that make people want to talk to you. I had a woman tell me twins are good luck in her culture and asked if she could sit next to us. Another time, my kids were crabby and an older gentleman started singing Sinatra to them. People really identify with children and when they see them on transit they want to say hello. It also teaches my kids about the community and how to interact with people. I like that it will have been part of their lives since the day they were born. I always say kids are our future ridership. If you start them at a young age they will be comfortable with it and more likely to continue riding for the rest of their lives.