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How to Pay Bus

How do I pay my fare on the bus?

If you have a Go-To Card, Metropass, U-Pass, College Pass or Student Pass, touch it to the Go-To circle on the card reader as you board.

You can also use the Metro Transit mobile app to pay for your fare. 

If you have a SuperSaver, insert it (arrow pointing down) into the reader next to the farebox. Your transfer is automatically built in the card.

Note: You can use a SuperSaver 31-Day Pass on a train as long as it has been activated on a bus. However, you cannot use a SuperSaver Stored Value Card if you transfer from bus to light rail. Get a Go-To Card for an easier way to pay your fare.

If you pay with cash, drop your money in the farebox next to the driver. Fareboxes accept dollar bills, coins or tokens, but change is not available.

On most buses, you pay when you get on. However, on many express buses leaving downtown during afternoon rush hours, you pay as you leave.

The same fares are charged for buses and METRO lines and vary by time of day and type of service.