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How to help us help you when days get darker

Posted by John Komarek | Monday, October 29, 2018 10:12:00 AM

After we roll back the clock and there’s less daylight, we enter a period when data has shown an increase in pedestrian, bicycle, scooter and motor vehicle collisions. The simple equation looks like this:

Less daylight + increased traffic + failing to yield to right of way = increased incidents.


But, this doesn’t have to happen. Our operators are doing their part to alter this equation by:

 > Continuously scanning the road and sidewalks ahead for pedestrians and bicyclists.

 > Driving defensively, assuming someone might make a bad decision.

 > Making eye contact with crossing pedestrians, bicyclists, and scooters and using their horn when necessary.

 > Stopping for crossing pedestrians at every intersection and marked crosswalk, even those without crosswalks or stoplights.

 > Not blocking crosswalks while stopped or passing other vehicles stopped for pedestrians.

 > Stopping far enough back so drivers in other lanes can also see a crossing pedestrian.

 > Before making a turn, looking in all directions.

 > Using extreme caution near bus stops where pedestrians and bicyclists approach to board.

 > Using extreme caution with left turns

Here’s how you can help us help you: 

 > Wearing light colored or reflective clothing.

 > Commuting slower and more cautiously during winter.

 > Heightening your attention, especially during peak driving periods.

 > Continuously scanning for approaching vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

 > Making eye contact with others when crossing or merging.

 > Getting rid of distractions that impair your ability to focus, like phones, music, etc.

 > Never making a right turn in from of a bus-this is a leading cause of on-board customer injuries.

We look forward to a safe and fun winter. Together, we can alter this equation.