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Heywood Campus Public Art

The Heywood Campus consists of the headquarters offices for Metro Transit and the Metro Transit Police department but also training facilities, bus driver facilities, and two bus garages.

Public Art – for more information about the public art, please click on the titles below

Bus Parts by Susannah Bielak

Located on four bus doors and two walls with images and text from the artist’s experience of riding the bus.

Bus Scrolls by Missy Dodge, Mark Granlund, Molly Ellis

Located in the Heywood Garage Addition.

Two historic bus scrolls displayed in front of a graphic of old bus photos.

Valin Photos

Located in the third floor lounge Heywood Office Tower

A series of photos of transit customers and drivers and Metro Transit staff.

Valin Photo of people sitting on bus

Colors and Particulars by Mark Granlund

Located in and around the Heywood Chambers, first floor of the Heywood Office Tower.

A series of photographs of color patterns and details from Metro Transit vehicles.

Abstract photo by Mark Granlund