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Hennepin/Lyndale Bus Lanes

Why bus lanes?
• Improve the speed and reliability of service for customers
• Provide transit benefit during Hennepin Avenue South reconstruction and into the future
• Better reliability decreases wait time and congestion at bus stops
• Cost-effective investment in multimodal transportation, reducing emissions
• With workers returning downtown, now is the time to make transit a more attractive option to avoid gridlock
Proposed Bus Lane Map

Why Hennepin/Lyndale?
• Key transit corridor connecting Uptown and downtown Minneapolis
– About 3,000 riders pass through this corridor every
weekday on Route 4 and Route 6
– METRO E Line will largely replace Route 6 in 2025,
increasing trips by 55%
• Provide advantage for buses during expected delays due to Hennepin Avenue South reconstruction
• Designed in coordination with Hennepin-Dunwoody bikeway and Hennepin Avenue South reconstruction projects


Proposed lane example

Image of bus in bus lane

Project Contacts
Amy Barnstorff
Transportation Planner
City of Minneapolis
[email protected]

Michael Mechtenberg
Program Manager
Metro Transit
[email protected]

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