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Good Question: Do I need to signal a stop on BRT?

Posted by John Komarek | Tuesday, December 7, 2021 9:59:00 AM

Because Bus Rapid Transit lines like the METRO Orange Line have fewer stops, customers sometimes wonder: Do I need to request a stop? Good question!

The answer is yes, like any bus route, you need to request a stop when using any METRO BRT Line. Operators stop only when requested to help speed up travel times. 

To let the operator know you want to get off the bus either:

Push one of the red stop buttons on a stanchion.


Press a yellow touch strip found on the walls of the bus.


If you’re waiting to be picked up at a station, your visible presence and attention to the oncoming bus serves as a signal to the operator that you intend to board. Stepping out of the shelter can help operators see that you are waiting. 

Now that you know, hop onboard one of our BRT Lines, like the METRO A, C, Red, or Orange lines, and enjoy the ride.

Just remember to signal your stop! If you miss it, however, don’t worry. You can always get off at the next station and catch another bus going in the opposite direction. It’ll be there shortly after you arrive!