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Fremont and 35th

Fremont & 35th Avenue Station

Fremont & 35th Avenue - Station Plan PDF
Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Fremont & 35th Avenue
Platform location

Southbound: Farside of 35th Avenue on southwest corner

Northbound: Farside of 35th Avenue on northeast corner

In both directions, farside has adequate platform length available and is preferred to minimize sightline conflicts at this unsignalized intersection.

*Final conditions to be developed during the engineering/design process.

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Fremont and 35th Avenue Station. Northbound far side 35th Avenue on Fremont Avenue. Southbound far side 35th Avenue on Fremont Avenue.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Station spacing

Southbound: About 0.4 mi to Emerson-Fremont & Lowry

Northbound: About 0.4 mi to Fremont & Dowling

In both directions, shorter spacing than guidelines provides access to a high-ridership segment between Dowling and Lowry.

Existing ridership within
a block, or about 1/8 mile
(Fall 2016)

About 310 boardings per weekday

Platform location compared
to existing bus stop
Southbound and northbound: At opposite corner of existing bus stop
Connecting service No connecting service
Parking changes

Southbound and northbound: Reduction of about 2-3 parking spaces in each location, due to the relocation and expansion of existing bus stop zone.

Potential for existing nearside bus stop zone to be converted to curbside parking.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Curb configuration

Southbound and northbound: Bumpout

Bumpouts will maximize operational efficiency and pedestrian space.

Platform length

Southbound and northbound: 60’ platform

Platforms will be designed to accommodate a 60’ BRT vehicle.

An additional station between Dowling and Lowry is warranted because of consistently high transit demand in this segment. 35th Avenue directly services existing ridership that is comparable to surrounding stops, but with more even station spacing.

Project coordination: Emerson/Fremont Avenues bicycle-pedestrian improvement project

  • D Line station planning in north Minneapolis between Plymouth Avenue and 42nd Avenue occurred in conjunction with the development of the City of Minneapolis Emerson-Fremont Avenues bicycle-pedestrian improvement project. Outreach and engagement occurred separately between projects.

  • Station locations were coordinated in advance of the city’s 2014 Regional Solicitation application and confirmed in late 2016.

  • Coordination ensures that bicycle-pedestrian improvements (planned for construction in 2018) will not be impacted by D Line construction (planned for construction in 2020/2021, pending full project funding).


Other station locations considered: Fremont & 36th Avenue

Station spacing and ridership

  • Ridership is slightly lower at 36th Avenue compared to 35th Avenue when including adjacent stops.

  • Station spacing is more uneven compared to 35th Avenue, which provides spacing of about 0.4-mi between Lowry and Dowling.