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Fare Increase Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new fares?

Cash fares Current Fare New Fare
(Oct. 1)
Local (bus/rail) Off-Peak   $1.75  $2
Local (bus/rail) Peak       $2.25      $2.50
Express bus Off-Peak  $2.25   $2.50
Express bus Peak   $3 $3.25 
Senior/Youth/Medicare Off-Peak $.75  $1
Senior/Youth/Medicare Peak (local peak) $2.25    $2.50
Senior/Youth/Medicare Peak (express) $3  $3.25
Senior/Youth/Medicare Off-Peak (express) $.75  $1
Limited Mobility (at all times) $.75  $1
Downtown Zone $.50  No change


Did Northstar fares go up?

Yes by 25¢, the same as bus fares.

Northstar Fares
to Minneapolis
Weekday Fare
New Weekday
Fare (Oct. 1)
Weekend Fare
New Weekend
Fare (Oct. 1)
Reduced Fare
New Reduced
Fare (Oct. 1)
Big Lake   $6 $6.25 $5.25 $5.50 $1.75 $2
Elk River    $4.50 $4.75 $4 $4.25 $1.25 $1.50
Ramsey $3.50 $3.75 $3.50 $3.75 $1 $1.25
Anoka   $3 $3.25 $3 $3.25 $1 $1.25
Coon Rapids/Riverdale  $3 $3.25 $3 $3.25 $1 $1.25
Fridley  $3 $3.25 $2.50 $2.75 $0.75 $1
Station-to-station $3 $3.25 $2.50 $2.75 $0.75 $1


Did Metro Mobility fares go up?


Metro Mobility fares Current Fare

New Fare
(Oct. 1)

Off-peak $3 $3.50
Peak   $4 $4.50
Distance Surcharge 
(non-ADA, trips greater than 15 miles)
None  $0.75
All-You-Can-Ride Passes    Not Accepted Not Accepted


Did Dial-A-Ride (Transit Link) fares go up?  


Transit Link fares Current Fare New Fare
(Oct. 1)
  $2.25 - $6.75 $3.50 Off-Peak/$4.50 Peak
Distance Surcharge 
(trips greater than 15 miles) 
None $0.75
All-You-Can-Ride Passes   Accepted Cash and Stored Value Only


When did the rate increase become effective?     

The new rates went into effect at midnight on Sunday, Oct. 1.

Is this for both rail and bus?

The fare increase is for rail, bus and Northstar service.

Does the fare change include (Red Line) and suburban service?

Yes. Fares went up throughout the region, including all bus service provided by Metro Transit, the Metropolitan Council, SouthWest Transit, Minnesota Valley Transit Authority, Plymouth MetroLink and Maple Grove Transit.

Elimination of stored value bonus

Will there be a stored value bonus after Oct. 1?

The stored value bonus, currently 10%, will be eliminated starting Oct. 1. Any stored value added to a Go-To Card prior to Oct. 1 will still receive a stored value bonus for amounts of $10 or greater. That bonus money will remain on the card after Oct. 1.

If the bonus will no longer be given, will I lose my bonus money on my card?

No, any bonus value already on your Go-To Card as of Oct. 1 will not be removed.


Go-To Cards and other passes

What do I do with a Go-To Card I have already purchased? Do I need to upgrade it?

No, no upgrades are required. Continue using your same Go-To card after the fare increase without any interruption.

Will my old 31-Day Pass still be good when the new fares go into effect?

All current 31-Day Passes will be good for the adjusted fare levels of those passes when the new fares go into effect. For example, a current $59 31-Day Pass, good for the $1.75 fare level, will be good for up to $2 on Oct. 1.

Will this affect my Metropass, student pass, monthly pass… etc.?

Yes, these pass prices will increase in cost. 

Metropass – New price of $83

Student Pass – New price of $97

College Pass – New price of $165 for all students

U-Pass – New price of $114  (new pass price will be effective with Fall Semester sales)

How much did my pass price increase?

  Current Price Starting Oct. 1
31-Day Pass    
Local Off-Peak  $59 $65
Local Peak    $85 $90
Limited Mobility   $31.50  $36
Express   $113.50    $120
Stored Value Bonus 10%  No Bonus
Transit Schools Discount 5% – 10% No Discount
All-Day Pass    
Full Fare $3.50 - $4.50 $4 - $5
Reduced Fare, Limited Mobility $1.50 - $4.50 $2 - $5
Downtown All-Day Pass    $1  No Change
24-Hour Pass  $6 $6.50
10-Ride Fare cards    
Full-Fare   $18.50 $20.50
Young Adult       $13.50  $15
7-Day Pass  $22   $24
Tokens (Bags of 50)     $87.50 $100
One Ride Tickets  $2.70/ea. $2.90/ea.
Visitor Pass         $4.50 $5


Transit Assistance Program (TAP)

What is TAP?

The Transit Assistance Program is designed to make public transit more affordable for low income residents.

I was in the TAP test program; do I automatically qualify?

No, you must re-enroll. With the new enrollment, you will qualify for the discount for one year. You must re-enroll each year.

When can I sign up for TAP?

Enrollment begins Oct. 2.

What do I need to sign up for TAP?

Check this page for updates.

Where can I sign up?

Agencies are currently being recruited to assist Metro Transit with enrollments. Check this page for updates.

Who is eligible and how do I qualify for TAP?

TAP is available for anyone meeting income requirements.

If I get a TAP card, can I move my Go-To Card value to the new TAP card?

Yes, if the Go-To Card is registered to you, call Customer Relations at 612-373-3333 or stop by a Metro Transit Service Center location and we can move the funds to your TAP card. Pass products (Metropass, College Pass, etc.) cannot be transferred.

Tokens, coupons and Transit Link service

I have tokens. Are they still accepted?

Yes, the cost of tokens will now be $100/ bag of 50. After Oct. 1, one token will be accepted for the $2.50 fare. Two tokens will still be needed to ride a rush-hour express bus.

I have coupons. What is their value?

The ride value for a coupon will be upgraded at time of use until the expiration date is passed.

Can I still use my 31-Day Pass or Metropass on Transit Link buses?

No, Transit Link will only accept Stored Value for payment after Oct. 1.

Have additional questions or comments about the fare increase? Submit them here.

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